Full utilization of resources

Full utilization of resources

We recycle the left over water and organic matter used in our production process.

Left over organic matter,such as vegetable scraps,are re-used as animal feed and fertilizer.

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Discarded bean sprout roots and husks are taken from our plants to disposal facilities, where they are put through a screw press to remove all liquid. After, they are used as feed for domestic animals at feed mills or dairy farms.

The water used in our production process is cleaned at a water treatment plant,and the waste from the cleaning process is used as fertilizer for fields.

After water is used at our plants, it is sent to a water treatment plant. Water with organic matter included is put into a settlement tank, where mud is separated from the clean water, resulting in superb fertilizer for fields.

As one of the measures to utilize the scrap, Narita Foods is working on using it at the in-house oyster mushroom factory.

  • Scrap-based culture mediumScrap-based culture medium
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